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Vacation Capital Real Estate, Inc. - the vacation, retirement and investment home specialists!

Enjoy your Central Florida vacation, retirement or investment home!

Also loan it to business associates, friends, or family!

Rent - Let your renters pay down the mortgage.

Retire - With the comfort of already owning your retirement home!

You've worked hard for your investment... now it's time to make your vacation capital work for you!

Located in the heart of Central Florida, Orlando...has it all... Walt Disney World Resort, Sea World, Universal Studios Florida, restaurants, water sports, golf, and so much more.


  • Income Tax Advantages
  • We are paid by the seller!
  • Renters can pay most of, or all of your monthly mortgage payments
  • Completely furnished turnkey rental vacation homes
  • Minutes from Walt Disney World Resort, Sea World and Universal Studios Florida.

Four Steps to investment Home Ownership

STEP 1: Choose.

We must look at how you intend to use your vacation home. If like most families, your personal usage is limited to less than 2 months, then it is most important to purchase a short-term rental home that meets the specific demands of the majority of vacation renters, so that you can derive the maximum income.

STEP 2: Pre-qualify.

You will need to be pre-qualified for a mortgage so that we will know the parameters (if any) of the financial commitment available. A pre-qualification is only good for 30 days; so try to time your application to still be in effect when you make your trip to the Central Florida.

STEP 3: Management.

You will want to know more about the management/rental company that you will contract. Contact us for management company recommendations and contact information. If you purchase a new, short-term rental, vacation home through us as a result of your Central Florida trip, Vacation Capital Real Estate, Inc. will�give you�$2000 at closing to pay for your travel expenses.

STEP 4: Purchase.

Naturally, we suggest purchasing your home as soon as possible. It is a buyers market right now in short-term Completely furnished turnkey rental vacation homes because a record amount of new developments have opened at the same time in response to the heavy demand.

View samples of the dozens of  home models we have available, in dozens of different developments. Vacation Capital Real Estate, Inc. - the vacation home outlet store!

Vacation Capital Real Estate, Inc. is a company that specializes in the sale of vacation, retirement and investment homes that can pay for themselves by generating rental income. These homes are rented by vacationers to the Walt Disney World, Kissimmee, and Orlando area for periods of time ranging from one night to multiple weeks. investors purchasing the vacation homes will typically pay an initial deposit of 10% to 20% down or more. Our associated management company will manage the home on a guaranteed rental or per diem basis. Maintenance and expenses of the home, including housekeeping, lawn maintenance, pest control, utilities, etc. are all part of the responsibilities of the management company. Ownership of a short-term rental Central Florida vacation home can be not only be hassle and worry free, but also provide tax advantages and a handsome return on investment, realized from the appreciation in the home.

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