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* Income Tax Advantages
* We are paid by the seller!
* Renters can pay most of, or all of your monthly mortgage payments
* Completely furnished turnkey rental vacation homes
* Minutes from Walt Disney World Resort, Sea World and Universal Studios Florida.


Why Buy a Vacation Home in Orlando?

If owning a home has long been called the American dream, then what would you call the dream of owning a vacation home, or holiday home, next to Walt Disney World in Orlando? The American Dream Phase II? It may be more accurately called the International dream. Vacation home community developers report that well over 50% of their buyers are not U.S. residents. Why do they buy? More importantly, why would you buy?

Everyone knows that home ownership presents many challenges and headaches. But why would you purchase a second residence, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, thousands of miles from home, that you will only use for a few weeks or less per year? That’s qualifies as down right crazy…right? Not so fast! These crazy people might just be building an impressive real estate portfolio that capitalizes on vacation contributions by millions of Walt Disney World visitors. Could individuals like you and me have figured out how to profit from those same tourists who year after year spend hundreds of millions of dollars to rent their vacation accommodations near The Mouse? Have they just looked at the example set by the hundreds of hotel owners and said, “why not me?” Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and where there are millions of vacation renters, there’s a hot short-term rental vacation ownership market!

So why have so many international investors purchased holiday homes in comparison to US buyers? The answer is simple. Travel wholesalers abroad have for years packaged the airfare, rental car, and holiday home together for one discounted price. In the United States, travel agencies have almost exclusively combined a hotel with the airfare and rental car. Now that the traveling public in the US has realized the added value of renting a single-family residence, complete with a private pool and other amenities, for the price of a hotel room, the trend is accelerating.

The vacation home ownership industry in Florida is also being driven by another critical factor. The baby boom generation is ten years, or less, from retirement. Income producing vacation homes in a retirement friendly state like Florida (no state income tax!) are an ultra attractive way to both invest and secure the retirement homestead before the prices escalate. If you think that vacation home ownership next to Walt Disney World might be for you, then do your homework, so that your experience is as good as it gets.

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