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* Income Tax Advantages
* We are paid by the seller!
* Renters can pay most of, or all of your monthly mortgage payments
* Completely furnished turnkey rental vacation homes
* Minutes from Walt Disney World Resort, Sea World and Universal Studios Florida.

Four Steps to Disney World Area
Vacation Home Ownership

STEP 1: Choose. We must look at how you intend to use your home. If like most families, your personal usage is limited to less than 2 months, then it is most important to purchase a short-term rental home that meets the specific demands of the majority of vacation renters, so that you can derive the maximum income. Your home must be close to Disney World (within 15 minutes), have a pool, be furnished correctly, and be at least a new 3-bedroom/2 bath or larger. What size home will meet your needs? Certainly, affordability can determine our recommendations.

STEP 2: Pre-qualify. You will need to be pre-qualified for a mortgage so that we will know the parameters (if any) of the financial commitment available (to pre-qualify at no charge click on the following link for quick loan pre-qualification). A pre-qualification is only good for 30 days; so try to time your application to still be in effect when you make your trip to the Disney World area. Also consider the fact that the more money that you plan to put down as a deposit, the better off you are when it comes to lessening your monthly obligation. As a general rule, with most management companies, a 25% down payment will result in very little, or no monthly expenses.

STEP 3: Management. You will want to know more about the management/rental company that you will contract. What are their charges and policies? Contact us for management company recommendations and contact information. Let us know the dates you would like to stay and we will secure reduced rates. If you purchase a new, short-term rental, vacation or investment home through us as a result of your Florida trip, Vacation Capital Real Estate, Inc. will give you $1000 at closing to pay for your travel expenses.

STEP 4: Purchase. Naturally, we suggest purchasing your home as soon as possible. It is currently a buyers market for income producing vacation homes because there are an excess of homes for sale. A large number of homes in inventory translates into good deals for smart buyers. Interest rates are also a positive ingredient to excellent timing and currently rates are headed down again. Consider that if you contract a new home to be built and deposit a small percentage with a development, you may not actually need to pay any more money until closing, which could be as long as up to 12 months or longer from now. If that timing works, then don't wait for the prices and interest rates to go up. Plan your trip now. Let us know how we can help.


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